Homemade Baked Donuts

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Homemade Baked Donuts
Time for an ooey gooey treat? These are incredibly simple donuts that can be baked or fried if you are into that. Whether you love chocolate or classic maple icing, you'll find the ingredients and instructions below. These are a lot of fun to make with the family.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:
  • Servings: 15-20


  • (1/4 C) Lukewarm Water
  • (5 TBL) Butter
  • (1 1/2 C) Milk
  • (3 TBL) Sugar
  • (1 tsp) Vanilla
  • (2 tsp) Salt
  • (2) Eggs
  • (5-6 C) Flour
  • (1 TBL) Dough Softener - optional
  • (4 1/2 tsp or 2 packets) Yeast



In a microwave-safe bowl or measuring glass put 1 1/2 cups of milk and 1/3 cup of butter. Microwave on high for 1-2 minutes. Set aside to cool. 

While the milk is cooling place 1/4 cup of lukewarm water in a small cup or container and  4 1/2 tsp of yeast (2 packets). Make sure your water is not hot, think newborn bathwater. Place the mixture in a warm spot. You can also add a pinch of sugar to help the yeast do its thing. Allow for 5 minutes and the yeast will begin to froth up. If it's not frothy, likely you killed the yeast and need to start over. 

In a mixing bowl, beat your eggs then add in your sugar, salt, vanilla, milk mixture, and yeast mixture. Stir until combined. Add in the cinnamon and about 1/2 of your flour. Stir well and ensure to scrape the sides with a spatula. Slowly add in the remaining flour. You may need to add more than the recipe calls. If you're using a mixer, it should form a somewhat sticky ball. Allow the mixer to knead the bread for a couple of minutes. If you are kneading by hand, throw some flour on the counter and knead away for a few minutes. 

Place the dough back in the bowl, cover with a towel, and place it in a warm spot (under kitchen light, an top of your fridge). I don't like dirtying extra bowls so I place the dough in the original bowl but if you don't want it to stick at all, spay a new bowl with non-stick spray, add the dough ball, cover, and let rise. 

Let the dough sit for about an hour. Don't go messing with it. It should double in size. Once doubled, ball up your fist and give it a good punch. 

Grab your rolling pin and flour. Sprinkle some flour on the counter, dump out the dough, and begin rolling it out. Roll the dough into a rectangle (this can be tricky) or whatever shape you can get it in. It should be about an inch to an inch and a half thick. 

It's time to cut. Grab a knife or pizza cutter and cut it into wide strips. If you want them to look uniform make sure your dough is in a rectangle shape, cut down the middle, then cut each half into 3-4 even strips about 3" wide. You can cut into squares or rectangles. If you get fancy, you could even use a biscuit cutter to make round donuts. Your life, your choice. 

Place your donuts on a greased baking sheet. Cover with a towel, place in a warm spot and allow them to rise for 10 minutes. 

Preheat oven to 425 degrees while they rise. 

Bake for 7-8 minutes. 


While they bake, it's time to make some frosting. I'll give you two options 1. Sweet Maple, 2. Chocolate Ganache. If you want both, don't make them at the same time unless you have someone to assist. It will be a disaster if you dive in alone. 

1. Sweet Maple

Maple Icing Ingredients:
5 TBL - Butter
1/4 C - Milk
1 C - Brown Sugar
1 1/4 C - Powdered Sugar
1 T - Pure Maple Syrup
1/2 tsp - salt

In a small saucepan add your brown sugar, butter, and milk. Allow it to come to a boil then simmer it for about 3 minutes. Make sure you are continually stirring (if possible) so it doesn't burn. Remove from heat and add your maple syrup and powdered sugar. 

Let it cool for just a bit then use a whisk to mix, mix, mix. This will help with the thickening. You don't want this to harden too quickly so I would encourage you to make this in the middle of baking or right when they come out of the oven. This will allow time for the donuts to cool a bit prior to dipping them into the oooey gooeyness of the maple glaze. Once your donuts are fairly cool, dip the top into the maple glaze and place back on the cookie sheet to allow the glaze to harden. 

2. Chocolate Ganash

Chocolate Ganash Ingredients:
6 oz - Chocolate Chips
6 oz - Heavy Cream or Whipping Cream

Pull out the double boiler or you can just use a saucepan with water in the bottom and a heat-safe bowl on top. Allow the water in the bottom pan to having a rolling boil. Add your chocolate chips and heavy cream and continue to stir as it melts. If you don't have heavy cream, just use milk but a little less. I used a small amount of almond milk and it worked just fine. You just have to keep a closer eye on it. 

Once it is all melted, remove from the heat and let cool. Allow it to cool a bit and follow the same process as above. Dip the tops of your donuts in the chocolate then place them back on the cookie sheet so the chocolate will set up. 

Note: If you have extra chocolate frosting save it and you can use it for cupcakes later. Just pop it in a mixer and it will fluff right up. 

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