Whole Wagyu Beef Pre-Order & Deposit

Whole Wagyu Beef Pre-Order & Deposit

Whole Beef
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Farm to table Kobe beef with melt in your mouth flavor. Our cattle are hand-fed & grain finished with locally sourced grain. Wagyu beef, a Japanese breed is genetically predisposed for intense fat marbling. With an abundance of marbling, you're sure to have superior taste, tenderness, and juiciness with each and every meal.

This is a PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT to reserve a Whole (1 cow) Wagyu Beef. 


  • The estimated hanging weight of a whole Wagyu Beef is 700-900 lbs at the time of butcher.


  1. $4.00 per lb at hanging weight plus processing fees
  2. Once your beef is weighed and processing has begun, we will send you an invoice for the beef based on the hanging weight.


  • We work with Krehbiels Specialty Meats, Inc. in McPherson, KS. They will contact you via phone to determine how you would like your beef cut. Don't worry, they are pros and will walk you through the process. Once the beef is processed and ready for pick-up, you will be responsible for picking up the beef and paying the processing fee.

  • Note: Due to the overwhelming response, order fulfillment will begin in October 2020. Beef will be taken to the processor each month beginning in September 2020.